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Note taking Apps
This app is great for taking notes because you can make tags on your notes, a disadvantage on the normal apple app, Notes.

You can write little post-it reminders.  These reminders are able to pop up on your lock screen.

These app is great for taking handwritten notes, audio notes, and typed notes.

iDo notebook
I personally use this app as a journal, but this app can tag your note as an idea, to do list, shopping list, a diary and a journal. The difference between the journal and notebook is that in order to view the diary you have to enter a password first.

This spring pad allows you to make a note or a task. Also, you can decide which notes you would like to keep private and public with your twitter, facebook and friends on springpad.

UPAD lite
This app is the best app for handwriting. When you write with your hand, this app captures the letters very accurately as if you were writing on paper.

Book Apps
With this app, you can take a picture of the barcode and the app will have the bibliography in MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago format.

This app allows you to read textbooks on your mobile device.  With this app, you can lighten a student's backpack greatly.

This app is great for discussion on books.  Not only will you be able to read your book on your mobile device, but also gain access to authors' notes.

If you happen to order ebooks from Amazon, you can read it on your iPad with the Kindle app.

This app is used by most public libraries. 

Google Books 
Gain access to thousands of free books (classics, official documents)

Video Apps

This app has videos of topics from wikipedia.

TED has inspirational, funny and fascination videos.

This app has great videos for elementary and middle school kids.  They are funny and easy to understand.

PBS is a TV station that has videos covering news, science, music and other topics.

The videos are similar to PBS, but are focused towards primary school students.

General Science Apps
  • Trivial Questions on Life Science
Life Science
  • A textbook app on biology
  • Table of Contents
  • Search Widget
  • Settings for the Font
  • Bookmarks
PLoS Reader
Science Mobile
Science Glossary
Science 360
Biology Apps

Video Biology
There are videos on Biology by Mr. George Wolfe.

This app allows one to explore, read, learn, and test yourself on mitosis. Also, there are videos, images, a glossary and resources.

College Bio 101
This app provides the important vocabulary words that will be on the AP Biology Exam. The vocabulary words are formatted into flashcards.

This app allows you to see the cell organelles in 3-d. I like this app because I can see the differences in size of the organelles.

Click and Learn
This app has biology interactive videos.

Build a Body
You can test your knowledge of the human anatomy with this app. This app tests your knowledge of the location of the apps.

Gene Screen
This app is a fun way to learn about genetics and why reccessive genes cause diseases.

Chemistry Apps
  • Overview of each element from the periodic table in the form of flashcards
  • the atomic weight, state, period, group, discovered date, melting point, boiling point, sublimation point, category, covalent radius, and atomic radius
  • Links to Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha
Periodic Table
TCT Lite

Physic App
College Physics 101
  • Flashcards on Physics
Physics HD
  • Gives information and lessons on Physics
  • Divides into units

Math Apps

Easy to use Graphing Calculator

Free GraphCalc
Enlarged Graphing calculator

MathDrills Lite
Practice your basic arithmetic
- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Quick Graph
Graph your equations visually on a Cartesian coordinate plane

Math Ref Free
List of equations

List of equations

Math Pentagon
Free worksheets of math problems
Able to do the worksheets on the iPad